App Attribution Platform


The Importance of App Attribution

It empowers marketers to make data-driven decisions and allocate their resources more efficiently to achieve their business objectives. An attribution platform is a mandatory tool for developers when considering promotion. This platform allows game and app developers to understand how and where their users discover their Games and Apps in real-time. Our marketing agency is the only one that provides a free attribution platform to developers, helping them save more than 30% from their promotion budget.


Mobile App Attribution

Mobile app attribution is the process of identifying and understanding the source or channel that led to a user's installation or engagement with a mobile application. It's crucial for app developers and marketers to know which marketing campaigns, advertising channels, or referral sources are driving downloads and user actions within their apps.


Web Attribution

Web attribution platform helps marketers understand the impact of their online marketing efforts, allocate budgets more effectively, and optimize campaigns for better results and return on investment (ROI).


Web to App Attribution

Web to app attribution refers to the process of identifying and tracking users who transition from interacting with a website to engaging with a mobile application. It involves understanding the journey users take across different platforms and attributing their actions and conversions appropriately.

Benefits Attribution

It enables app developers and marketers to track and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, optimize user acquisition strategies, and allocate resources judiciously.

Multiple Event Tracking


Multiple Reports

Fraud Detection

Measuring ROI

Real-time Analytics