Facebook Marketing

Facebook promotion is one of the easiest ways to directly communicate with the best targeted audience and is a powerful way to generate buzz,increase engagement, boost your customer count and build your audience. Facebook platform gives you a wealth of information on your potential customers and dozen of ways to reach them. We don’t want to see you miss out on an opportunity to grow your business. That’s why we created 2 different type of promotion plan for your business.

Work Flow

  • FB Page Creation
  • Posting creating in FB page
  • Group joining
  • Post Sharing in Groups
  • Image and video Creative (content should be shared by company)
  • Group creation (Based on the requirement)
  • Targeted page likes
  • Poll creation
  • Facebook Insight Monitoring
  • Sponsored Ads (12 % on total Amount)


Instagram is a social stage that comprises of pictures went with short comments and hashtags, which help clients rapidly discover information. Instagram as of late joined video abilities into their stage. The recordings are 60 seconds in length and can't be pre-recorded but you can stop and then re-start filming the video. Video will not support for us .

Work Flow

  • Account setup
  • Image upload
  • Hashtags targets
  • Instagram Follows