Promoting your mobile Application has become as important as designing your levels or polishing your user interface.
Now a days market place has become more competitive. To resolve this -We provide unique solutions for Developers from App Tracking platform -> Acquiring new user -> Social media marketing -> Managing the In-App user engagement.

App Tracking

App tracking Platform is the primary need for a developer to start the promotion. Kalpssoft provides mobile app attribution tools that helps you build and optimize your campaigns. We consider more on your budget and help them with our tracking platform, which guides them to save the cost on third party tracking platform .


  • Track every installs
  • Measure multiple campaigns
  • Rich in-app events
  • Get fraud analytics reports
  • Track and analyse daily users
  • Get a source level analytics to measure your marketing effects
  • Get uninstalled reports

App Installs

App install campaigns will help developers to drive installs for your mobile App/Game from outside sources of app market places.In such a Competitive market place, you need more than just a well-designed app. You also need an effective way to market your app to get it to the top of the app charts and generate more downloads.

Incentive Promotion

Kalpssoft push a bulk of downloads on daily basis which helps App / Game to increasing the app’s ranking in app stores. App Install campaign also help them to increase organic traffic, which leads to even more downloads and exposure.This type of campaign will help a developer to create a benchmark in Appstore .


Perfomance Based Promotion

In order to generate high quality users with a serious interest in the application, it's better to use a Non-Incentive-Promotion. Kalpssoft network partners and in-house media-buying team analyze the app's relevant users, create promotional materials, and targeted campaigns,which helps the developer to target the right audience for their App.

Facebook Promotion

Few of the developers use Facebook for mobile app install ads. Facebook allows the developer to target their users based on the specific demographics, interests, behaviors, and device types. Kalpssoft helps the developers to choose the right audience for their Games and Apps with our in-house media buying team.


Ad Types

Cost Per Impression Cost Per Clicks Cost Per Install Cost Per Action Cost Per Transaction
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